Bringing together a multitude of art forms and mediums, Oxbow is an ever-evolving forum for experimental installations, performances, workshops, music, films, lectures, and events. Oxbow's arts compound is located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.


With the turn of the 20th century, increasing population spurred industrial development just south of Seattle—in particular, in the city of Georgetown. The area at the isolated center of Georgetown was called Oxbow and was quickly developed for its industrial qualities. This development was accelerated with the annexation of Georgetown into the city of Seattle in 1910, and subsequent construction in 1911 of a bridge to link Oxbow and the rest of South Seattle. Between 1913 and 1920, The Duwamish River was dredged and straightened to make way for Seattle's growing industry in South Seattle. 

Named as such to pay homage to the former heart of Georgetown and the oxbows of the meandering Duwamish River, the Oxbow arts compound is now part of Georgetown's revitalized neighborhood. Oxbow's building facilities have been reclaimed from industry for the sake of artistic initiatives–where it dreams of meandering into an ever-changing future.