Dan Webb's "The Visitor," Exhibit Opening

Join artist Dan Webb as he presents "The Visitor"—opening Thursday, June 29 from 6pm–9pm at Oxbow. This exhibition is the latest in a series of artist residencies featuring site-specific installations.

The Visitor  (Carved Face), Dan Webb, 2016.

The Visitor (Carved Face), Dan Webb, 2016.

“I’m not an artist because of all the contemporary art I saw as a kid—I was inspired by a lot of other things that didn’t bother to call themselves art at all. And while I’m not even sure what art is exactly, it seems unlikely that it only exists in certain rooms, in certain buildings, in certain cities. It’s everywhere, if you look hard enough.

That means art is free of a permanent address. At best it’s just a visitor, showing up in surprising places at surprising times.

What I’m trying to do is just extend an invitation.

My show ‘The Visitor’ will really only have one sculpture in it. The other objects are a set of chairs, a table with cups, bowls and plates, and a carved sign out front. The relative lack of objects makes for less of a gallery experience, and more of a living room experience. Everything in the show is usable – have a drink, sit down in the chairs, touch the sculpture. Talk to me if you want, because I’ll keep regular hours during the run of the show.

In addition, on a semi-regular basis, I will give a lecture/introduction about what I mean by calling the show ‘The Visitor.’ The lecture is not a traditional artist lecture, where the work is described and explicated. It’s more of an invitation to participate in what the show is about: inclusion, conversation, relationships."
–Dan Webb

Learn more about Dan Webb's work on his website:

For more information, contact him via email: danwebb1@me.com

The Visitor  (Smooth Face Out), Dan Webb, 2016.

The Visitor (Smooth Face Out), Dan Webb, 2016.