Paige Barnes - MOTHER

Open Studio

Thursdays, 7 - 9pm
Saturdays, 6 - 8pm


July 27 & 28

7:30 - 9pm
Pulse readings - Come down and have your pulse translated into soundscapes
that will be incorporated into the live performance at 9pm.

9pm - Live performance

Water Elemental Creature.jpg


Director, Dance Composition, Video: Paige Barnes
Computer Scientist, Sound Design: David Siah
Light Artist: Amiya Brown
Costume Artist: Danielle Blackwell
Video Design: Leo Mayberry
Musician: Evan Flory-Barnes
Dancer: Nadia Losonsky

Mother is my dedication to feminine aspects such as receptivity, creation, intuition, softness, care and emotion. Inspired by Eastern philosophy, this creative process is a meditation on yin - a space absent of light, that provides foundation for growth. In residence, I hold pulse readings using a sensor and acupuncture's pulse listening method. From these readings the pulse is translated into a soundscape and dance videos of elemental creatures. The pulse is our moving blood that interconnects and nourishes our whole body. Through the pulse I find a place for the emotional body to be seen. 

About the artist

Paige Barnes is a dance artist and East Asian Medicine practitioner. Born in Alabama, and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Paige moved to Washington state to attend college. Her coursework led her to Ecuador where she met choreographer Pablo Cornejo, with whom she trained and performed internationally. After returning to the U.S., she received her BA in Dance from the University of Washington, formed Locate Performance Group with Pablo Cornejo, and co-founded Open Flight Studio. Paige later became a certified practitioner of the GYROTONIC® method, training under Magali Messac. After fifteen years of dance making, teaching, and performing, Paige sought a deeper understanding of the body’s energetic and healing capabilities. In 2016, she received an MS in East Asian Medicine from Bastyr University. Now, Paige seeks to merge and forge new pathways between her dance and medical practices.